This is deeply irresponsible

This headline is irresponsible – while technical correct, it is misleading and will undoubtedly lead to mistrust and, considering we are in a deadly pandemic, deaths:

(via twitter and Reuters directly)

If you read the article closely – and who does that? – you will see that the volunteer received the placebo, not the actual vaccine.

Which is also why the trial continues.

People die, sometimes in the middle of a vaccine trial.

No vaccine is risk-free, but we use those where the risks compared to the benefits are so low that it is worth it. The trials are for determining those risks, and no matter what you feel about those risks, the effect of not actually getting the vaccine cannot be part of those risks.

Currently the trial performed in USA by Johnson & Johnson is halted in order to assess some of the real risks, but this is as expected. Unless something is seriously wrong, that trial will continue soon as well.

By the way, the first vaccine, by Edward Jenner was developed in 1796! Jenner, perhaps incorrectly, named it vaccine because it was developed from cows (french: vache). Louis Pasteur, almost a hundred years later suggested that we should use the term for all future inoculations to honour Jenner.

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