Formula 1

As any other big sport Formula 1 was hit by the pandemic and the season opening postponed. Now they are soon starting up with a heavily revised and still not complete calendar and as it is one of the few sports I follow, I look forward to it.

Recently I’ve enjoyed Scott Mansell’s – not related to former champion Nigel Mansell – videos exploring the driving style of some of the former masters of the sport; Fernando Alonso’s steering, Michael Schumacher’s control and Ayrton Senna’s throttle use. All 3 were the best of their time and we have the benefit of very detailed recordings of their driving. He hasn’t done a video (yet) on Lewis Hamilton, but it would be fitting after those 3.

What is interesting how these masters of the sport had a driving style that seem unique and probably fit the cars and equipment of their years better than most. Schumacher is the exception as he had such a long career in Formula 1, but all drivers experience changes in cars from race to race and from season to season, and every 2 or 3 years new regulations change everything in a radical way.














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