A good thing and a bad thing regarding Trump

Well, I am kidding. Both are bad, but in very different ways.

First of all, I appreciate how much more difficult republicans will have it in Denmark. Imagine trying to remove a monarchy now and argue that having a president is somehow better. Yes, I am a royalist and I think there are good logical reasons to be that, at least with a monarchy like the one we have in Denmark.

Second of all, if you’ve been following the response to COVID-19 from the American government, you will have been confused by Dr. Birx, a physician who actually knows something about immunology and vaccines, standing by and supporting the American president’s ridiculous claims. So this video is an example of what happens when you don’t say no in time; it only gets worse:


I know people who tried to order hydroxychloroquine when that was touted as a miracle drug but fortunately they were unable to get it. That’s good, because it is dangerous and contrary to Chinese claims, does not help against COVID-19. It’s not good, because the reason they couldn’t get it was that other people had gotten there first.














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3 Responses to A good thing and a bad thing regarding Trump

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  3. I now see that Dr. Birx is trying to rewrite history, trying to place herself as opposed to the now former President. I doubt it will work.

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