Breaking curfew

I thought, simply, that people that rebel against lockdowns with doing the opposite were people with fragile self-esteem; if people tell me I must do something, I must do the opposite. But of course things are more complicated than that:

  1. They think they are invulnerable. “They aren’t following social distancing because they believe they won’t get sick, even though it could prevent more vulnerable people from becoming infected.”
  2. They won’t let a virus boss them around. “Exercising their defiance makes the virus seem smaller.”
  3. They think it’s not their problem. “People who live in communities where infection isn’t widespread or officials haven’t imposed lockdowns may be less willing to distance themselves from others.”
  4. They’re numbed by info overload. “When people’s media diets, social media feeds and conversations with loved ones consist of nothing but Covid-19, they may become desensitized to its severity.”
  5. They favor individual freedom over the good of society. ” The Western world, and the US in particular, has long prized individual freedoms — sometimes even over community benefit.”
  6. They’re lonely. “Human beings crave connection, and being denied social interaction for extended periods can sting.”

But on a very positive note, I think we all need xkcd’s Pathogen Resistance. And I’m enough of a pedant to have been bothered about having a bacteriophage as a narrator, until I found out that phages can be the – indirect – cause of some diseases in humans, even though they only attack bacteria.










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