EU isn’t like China

Apparently we are worse than China.

These graphs show that we are worse than China – and the rest of South East Asia – at containing the spread of COVID-19.

I still support the decisions made by the Danish government to contain the spread now and the rest of EU need to follow suit.

China, after a stupid and irresponsible but typical attempt at keeping quiet, has managed to bring the spread under control. I am not suggesting we implement the same brutal and inhumane measurements here, but we have had the advantage of foresight and free flow of information. Other countries in South East Asia have shown that the spread can be contained with humane measurements.

Let us do the math:

Early in outbreak, each COVID-19 case infects ~2.5 others on average. There’s ~5 days between one infection and next, so we’d expect one case to lead to 2.5^6 = 244 more cases in a month. If we can halve transmission, so each infects 1.25 others instead, we’d expect 4 more cases.
Adam Kurcharski

Great Britain first chose a horrifyingly bad response.

But let’s postulate that the herd-immunity assumption is both correct and stable. Johnson’s herd-immunity strategy would thus require that about 40 million Brits get infected with the virus to generate the required herd-immunity. Assuming a mortality rate of 1 – 2%, this means that Johnson is cheerfully accepting 400 000 – 800 000 fatalities.
Edzard Ernst

Great Britain may still recover its senses. USA lacks a government and are at a situation where there is no authoritative point of information – it will be bad over there, also because their joke-as-a-government is actively trying to suppress the free flow of information, just like authoritarian regimes. Fortunately, it is plainly obvious to everyone else:

And then I’ll leave you with this, from Jack Ma, the 20th richest man in the world and the richest man in China, cementing the decline of USA:













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