Ever since the start of the industrial revolution, it has been obvious that economy is tightly coupled with pollution. We are doing our best to decouple it but it is extremely hard and it is absolutely impossible to do it with regards to CO2 – I consider CO2 emissions a specialised form of pollution – if we have to rely on fossil fuels.

Problem is, switching to renewables is not possible if we want to keep our current societies running. Renewables simply do not have enough energy density to make that work.

Of course, there is an alternative to renewables and fossil fuels; one that has shown to enable growth of societal wealth, wages and to decouple energy from pollution. Nuclear power.

Nuclear power is not a political possibility in Denmark and Germany has been closing their power plants. France, supplying a quarter of the energy in Europe, relies heavily on nuclear power and intend to expand that.

There is a problem with nuclear power, and it is not waste disposal or weapons production. It is that with nuclear power renewables will no longer be necessary.







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