Coronavirus, Wuhan virus, 2019nCoV

I am not saying that the current outbreak in China is not a big deal, but here’s a good thread on it, countering a viral (sorry) thread from an epidemiologist that greatly exaggerated the risks. First the chart:

R0 is a measure of how infectious a disease is, without precautions. The list also shows why it is so important that we vaccinate against pertussis (whooping cough) and why we started the program to (successfully) eradicate smallpox.

Read the thread, with this point in mind:

Some people have asked why they should believe me rather than a Harvard epidemiologist.

This is not a matter of belief, nor pedigree. This is about facts, evidence, due diligence.

I have presented the facts and their sources so you can examine them for yourself.

Reminds me of this:





















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