The new oppression

Where did all the Marxists go? Oh, right, Intersectionality. From Gerfried Ambrosch’s “The Intersection Is a Dead End“:

It seems paradoxical that today those who seek to suppress others’ freedom of speech are often the same people who claim to be at the forefront of the struggle against oppression.

This paradox can be explained, in part, by the underlying ideology — intersectional identity politics — which assumes a hierarchy of oppression based on immutable characteristics like race and sex […]

But rather than reject this hierarchy altogether, intersectional identity politics, or intersectionality, merely inverts it, moving those at the bottom to the top.

Even while Marx was alive his predictions of the future development of capitalist societies was shown to be wrong. Instead of becoming poorer and poorer, the average worker and citizen became richer. But it took more than a century for his followers to finally leave his name behind. Unfortunately, they didn’t leave behind his idea of class struggles behind.

Like other forms of identitarianism, intersectionality starts from the assumption that group identity is paramount. At the same time, however, it asserts that people can be members of multiple identity groups — different identities intersect. The problem is that there is an almost infinite number of possible combinations. Thus, each identity group fragments into ever-smaller parts until all that is left is the individual. That’s one of the main reasons intersectionality can’t tolerate free speech — it is ultimately self-defeating and, therefore, needs to control the discourse.

Any ideology that needs to control and limit free speech, will need to do so with ever increasing power and repression.

[…] identity politics is not about empowerment, but about wielding power; and that it requires, above all, ideological conformity.

[…] because they know, at some level, that their ideas cannot stand up to scrutiny, intersectionalists feel compelled to suppress free speech in the name of “progress.” But progress depends on our ability, and our freedom, to pursue and speak the truth without fear or censorship. And that includes unpopular opinions and inconvenient facts.

I have mentioned this before: We import all the bad ideas from America; who would have thought that the largest university in Denmark would teach Biology students about “social gender”?






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