The best decade yet

In the 2010s

  1. 28% of all the wealth mankind has ever created (measured as GDP per capita), was created in these ten years
  2. Extreme poverty more than halved, from 18.2% to 8.6%. The number of poor was reduced by 158,000 – every day
  3. The child mortality rate was reduced by a third. As a result, 2.1 million children’s deaths were prevented this year
  4. Life expectancy increased from 69.5 to 72.6 years. So every day in the past decade, the average life span increased almost 8 hours
  5. The share of people governed by laws criminalising consensual same-sex acts declined from 40% to 27% (down from 74% in 1969)
  6. The share of countries with laws protecting women from violent partners increased from 53% to 78%
  7. The global death rate from indoor and outdoor pollution declined 19%
  8. Despite global warming, deaths from climate-related disasters declined by a third, to 0.35 per 100,000 people. A reduction by 95% since the 1960s
  9. Many rich countries have reached “peak stuff”. The consumption of 66 out of 72 resources tracked by the US Geological Survey is declining
  10. Despite setbacks and strongman nostalgia, the share who live in a “not free” country declined from 34% to 26% (down from 42.5% in 1980)

Yes, I know the next decade doesn’t start till January 1st 2021. But for everyone but the most pedantic, it starts tomorrow. I expect it to be even better than the decade we are leaving.

Looking further back, when I was born, 60% of the World’s population lived in poverty, 36% in extreme poverty. Those shares are now 26% and 8.6%, respectively.









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