Hiring insanity

Reading these notes from Peter Thiel’s course CS183: Startup, on hiring and company culture in a tech startup reminds me that sanity is not a prerequisite for success:

There were some doubts, since she seemed reluctant to solve a coding problem. But her talk and demeanor—she insisted on being interviewed over a ping-pong game, for instance—indicated that she’d fit into the ubernerd, ubercoder culture. She turned out to be reasonably good at ping-pong. Doubts were suppressed. That was a mistake. She turned out to not know how to code.


PayPal was a place where the younger engineers could and would sometimes wrestle with each other on the floor to solve disputes!

Thiel, and the speaker for this part, Max Levchin, are two of the many founders of PayPal. Thiel, a Facebook board member and a supporter for Trump’s 2020 bid, has since sponsored a ruinous lawsuit against a major publication as vengeance and appears to believe that you can live forever if you have blood from young men injected into your veins.

The notes, which were from a class at Stanford University on Startups, are worth a read – if nothing, then for a WTF.


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