At least they threw away all pretense

Extinction Rebellion has bothered me for some time, as all radical movements that try to paint themselves as the only moral choice. To begin with, all seemed to go according to plan but the apparent grass-root movement had surprising backing from influential people. Or maybe that should have been “suspicious backing”.

The problem for organisations such as these is that it is rare for people to have the necessary patience. True patience belongs to nation-states – Russia being the apparent master of this – while petty organisations just can’t wait. Their members want to see results, and they want to see the results now.

So all pretense is thrown away.

I think the blocking of public transportation was stupid but I was probably wrong. Because if you, instead, view it as a power move, it makes sense.

In fact, Extinction Rebellion is looking more and more like class war; the elitist attack on working people.

If we were to take them on their words, why then are they advocating a policy that will bring more, not less, CO2 into the atmosphere? Why are they advocating policies that threaten birds, bats and insects with, yes, extinction?

Instead the so-called rebellion seeks to limit economic growth, regulate the behaviour of the masses and impose a new moralistic rule.

I thoroughly dislike radicals.

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