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Thomas Baekdal (previously) responds to the story that “Google won’t pay french publishers for snippets” with a thread:


He is absolutely right, and he was one of many people saying so before the new EU rules were agreed upon.

But the misconception here is that newspapers think this was their money, the same way as newspaper think that classified advertising was ‘their money’.

It wasn’t. It was never your money.

It was the brands’ money. It’s the brands who decide where to place their ads.


So every single thing about the copyright law is wrong.

– It doesn’t solve the real copyright problem
– It won’t be profitable even if the Google paid
– It’s based on a delusion that Google has taken money away from publishers that was somehow theirs.

I mean… come on!

Read the whole thread.

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  1. Baekdal has followed his thread up with an article:

    In it, he uses an example of publishers not even giving credit to those who originally broke a story; I have even tried that myself. Wrote a (rather fine) story for a student newspaper, then a major newspaper wrote the same story.

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