About tomorrow’s climate strike

Or, as this is more about marketing than reality I’d probably need to write it as “Climate Strike”:

American teens are now afraid, angry and helpless. But this feeling is the result of a sham; the world is not ending. There is no climate crisis.

We cannot stop the world at 1.5℃. We can only stop at 2℃ if we stop emissions now; this will impoverish billions and lead to massive social unrest, and if history is any guide, violent deaths.

We can stop at 3.5℃ if we want to, while at the same time almost eliminate extreme poverty, malnutrition and deaths from preventable diseases.

I am not saying 3.5℃ is good; I am saying it is realistic and it will not kill us. Global warming, or climate change if you want to be coy about it, is a problem but it is not the end of the world.


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