College and politics

Looking to USA, this should scare a lot of people:

Sure, it is driven by Republican’s changing the view on colleges, and if we follow the predominant narrative in Europe about Americans, this is due to identity politics and the current American president.

But just wait till the American public wakes up to the fact of what their educational system has become. The current effect is that many students end up with crippling debt and unusable degrees, permanently destroying the middle class.

Last year I talked with a British friend whose daughter was heading to university and we talked about student debts. I was surprised that the British students commonly end up with even greater debts than the American.

There is a good reason why colleges and universities should be financially available for the general population, and also why they shouldn’t be run like businesses.

Unfortunately, in Denmark, they are mostly available for the middle class and up and we have begun to introduce business concepts to their management. We always copy the bad ideas from USA.

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