There’s a lot of water in the oceans

But I am still surprised that the projected sea level rise due to climate change is expected to be primarily due thermal expansion:

RCP2.6 is a best case scenario which I consider unrealistic – there is no political will in the global population to actually enforce this. RCP4.5 is an optimistic yet realistic goal which would cause the sea level to rise somewhere between 30 and 60 cm in the next 80 years. RCP8.5 is a worst case scenario that I also consider unrealistic, but not as unrealistic as RCP2.6, unfortunately. I am surprised that RCP4.5 and RCP6.0 (up to 3.1°C temperature increase) appear so similar.

In the past 100 years the sea level has risen 19 cm.

Numbers are from the IPCC 5th Assessment Report.

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