Digital elections

I know that many people are surprised by this, but there is no currently existing way to securely hold an election digitally.

It’s not that we lack the technology to do so, we lack a valid theory of how it could work.

We know what needs to work: Each vote must be counted correctly, no more or less than one vote per voter and it must not be possible to connect one vote to a specific voter. This means all votes must be protected from change or destruction and this must be verifiable.

No-one knows how to do this in a secure manner, nor how it should be possible.

There are plenty of companies that claim to have solved this problem but they haven’t published the theoretical work to support it and every time someone has had a chance to check, serious flaws have been found in both the implementation and the implied underlying theory.

Meanwhile, the paper votes as used by for example Denmark work brilliantly. If you doubt, show up when votes are counted and see for yourself.

Do not push for digital elections until someone publishes a valid theory of how to do it. There’s a chance that will never happen.

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