Climate politics

With an increased pressure to make upcoming elections be on climate politics I found this thread instructive, after the failure of making the elections in Australia about climate (links added by me):

The strategy of sowing fear, speaking of disaster and in particular recruiting children is risky. IMO it does not work. It’s not a controlled sense of urgency, it’s a panic. As father and uncle, I resent my children and nieces/nephews saying ‘It’s up to us’.

That’s cruel.

So to win an election on climate change try this:

1/ Make it about climate change. Not about your political party. Focus, make it apolitical. Move it to the centre. Make the opponents look like extremists if they will not join you there.

2/ Include nuclear technologies, treated as solutions not political weapons. Show everyone you are serious. Prove that it’s about climate change, not political identity.

3/ Reach out to the communities who stand to lose. Don’t pretend they don’t exist. Listen to them. Make them a priority. They are the votes you need. Who knows, nuclear technologies might help there?

4/ Don’t pretend VRE [like wind and solar power] is going to do it all. This is a jetpack promise and no one believes it anymore

5/ Don’t frighten children. Inspire them. Remember that idea? Making children believe in a brighter future?

6/ Set ambitious, aspirational long-term goals with tough, detailed, costed policies for your term of government – policies about transitioning an entire fossil fuel based economy. That’s going to take time – treat it with the respect it deserves.

I especially detest taking children hostage for political gain, and climate panic will bring nothing but misery and suffering.

These issues are solvable. Wind and solar (VRE) will not be sufficient.

By the way, do you know the best way to stop politicians lying to you? It is to stop rewarding them when they do.

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