The internet news cycle

I have in some ways a pretty broad stream of news coming to me online; on the other hand, I realise it’s also pretty specific at times. But I keep seeing a pattern: Sometimes a story appears, I read about it and practically forget about it. It was fun, but not important.

The story fell through the cracks and few others in my field of work or in national news noticed it.

Then, months or years later, the story is found again and is retold, reintroduced, as if it was the hottest thing. Like 17 months later people at my work started talking about something that was old news.

It’s like, if something isn’t noticed right away, it temporarily disappears beneath the waves of other stories, but the news cycle may bring it back up later.

Oh, and about that Tripadvisor story I linked to – there’s another story I haven’t seen or heard mentioned but Tripadvisor appears to have finally addressed that. And I think that’s a good start.

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