Bitdefender: This is stupid

I think Bitdefender is one of the absolutely best antivirus systems and I use them. It also seem to be good at stopping ransomware.

My subscription is coming up, and armed with the knowledge I got last year, I went to cancel it. I got this:

Clicking on “stop auto-renewal”, I was then presented with this:

For crying out loud! The same thing happened last year and it means that any subscriber that doesn’t choose to cancel their subscription is effectively overcharged.

I think Bitdefender is a good product, but this is treating your customers poorly.

I have written about it before, and the absurdity of their prices continue. If you are a new customer you can an even better offer:

Why overcharge your existing customers? Yes, I know, because you might get away with it. But only very stupid people think that’s a good reason.

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