12 years later it finally fell apart

I have been following the reporting done by Berlingske on the case about doctors certifying the physical and not least mental health of pilots in Denmark.

Apparently one of the most senior doctors in the field had fudged the documentation so that it looked as if someone else made the certifications. The name of the doctor is so far kept secret, but it’s easy to find if you know how to use an internet connection.

So I did a second search and found an article from 2007 (!) where the same doctor and the potential problems that has now been revealed was mentioned.

12 years later the story finally breaks and 2,000 Danish pilots now need a new certificate, and fast.

Why did it break? Because one pilot finally had enough and filed a complaint against the doctor. The doctor then went back and retroactively classified the pilot as mentally unstable, revoking the pilot’s flight certificate. In order to do so, the doctor had to fudge the documents even more, which forced the authorities to acknowledge that there was a problem. The doctor has been fired, her clinic has been closed and pilots and flight controllers need new, trustworthy, evaluations.

This is not good enough.

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