Kids striking for climate is adult hijacking

Kids striking for climate is yet another hijacking of the minds of the youth to serve a different political cause.

I am not saying that we shouldn’t do something about climate; nor that it is any more or less important than our challenges with pollution and disease.

But hearing children say “why should we educate ourselves, when we don’t have a future”, I can’t help getting flashbacks to the manipulations put upon us back when I was a kid.

And there is a future. Most likely that future will be much better than the present but with different challenges.

Manipulating our children into thinking they don’t have a future is only in the interest of the radical political groupings, left and right. And it is absolutely in their interest to have a mass of uneducated activists.

What would be in the interest of our children? To get the best education available and learn to better themselves.

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