Remember, anthropogenic climate change is good news

Admittedly, it is hidden beneath a lot of really bad news, but still.

Because anthropogenic (=caused by humans) climate change means that we can change it. And if we decide to do so, we can change it back.

Anthropogenic climate change has reached peak indifference, meaning that right now the problem is so obvious that the number of people alarmed by it grows on its own accord. Activists no longer have to convince people anthropogenic climate change is true, now the message that need to be communicated is that we can do something about it, fighting nihilism.

By the way, I do not believe that planting a tree when we are about to board an airplane has any effect and I believe that most of the “solutions” we are presented with at the moment are expensive and ineffective at best.

UPDATE: This post got misunderstood in relation to its meaning. I think some missed the second half of the post, but I’ll reiterate: Anthropogenic climate change is real, it is a growing problem and we need to do something about it. I’ll also reiterate: We need good, solid, long-term solutions rather than the feel-good solutions that are proposed at the moment.

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