The two Brexiteers

I will not apologise for the headline :-)

Thinking about the mess with Brexit, I would be embarrassed if I was British (yes, I know it’s the UK that currently is a member of EU, not just Great Britain). Embarrassed, because their politicians have been able to mess up a rather simple negotiation while at the same time not get a cohesive leadership in place in their own union.

It seems the Danish politicians in 1992 were much better at this, but I also think that the circumstances were much different back then. The EU was actually supporting the Danish politicians.

So while I would be embarrased if I was British, I am ashamed as an EU citizen. Ashamed, because our politicians are being petty and vindictive. This was a simple process; negotiate all the areas we have currently covered with treaties and do it quickly.

Instead we have chosen to do this as an angry man whose wife is leaving him, trying to hurt her as much as possible.

I realise we are doing this to discourage anyone else from leaving us and the sad part is that it is working. For example, in Denmark, the EU has in recent years acted against the policy wishes of the majority* and yet the support for EU is increasing.

*) I am not talking about the disastrous link tax and censorship in the upcoming-but-possible-postponed-till-after-the-parliamentary-election, but actual policies that have already been implemented.

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