Huawei and western incompetence

So, Huawei-asa-nationalnetwork-supplier is in the news; I wrote about this almost 7 years ago, so “news” should be taken lightly.

Is Huawei a security problem for western countries or is this either political posturing or an attempt at protecting national / regional trade? I don’t know but I think there are reasons to consider the security issues.

But does it really matter, when the western countries act carelessly or even totally incompetent, anyway?

I am here thinking about Bellingcat’s excellent work on exposing the people behind the Salisbury poisoning and the methods they used. During the work, Bellingcat found that the suspects entered EU with the best possible visas and then found a plausible way they could have gotten those.

That is interesting in and of itself, but I find the details of the story even more interesting. Because it turns out that the UK has outsourced much of the data processing – data on every person trying to get a visa to the UK – to a private company. UK is not the only EU country that has done so. The company has data processing centers at many places around the world, for instance in China. And employs for example Russian nationals.

Can anyone see a potential way for foreign intelligence to gain the required visas and possibly information on visa applicants to the EU here?

I can, and according to Bellingcat’s reporting, so could at least the Russian FSB.


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