Open-plan offices are bad in every way

This is a topic that I will probably return to every now and then; first of all because every few years new research find that open-plan offices are even worse than we knew before, but secondly because I once fought against such plans and lost. Despite the fact that everyone but upper management knew it was a bad idea.

I understand that open-plan offices may be cost-saving, but only if you look at the cost of office plans separately. The other costs are unfortunately huge.

And I think that some believe that open-plan offices lead to more collaboration. They don’t.

Let’s recount:

All-in-all, while open-plan offices may save on the cost of the physical environment in a company, the cost from loss of productivity and higher rate of mistakes far outweigh the savings. The supposed greater interaction between employees doesn’t happen either.

I don’t think the new office plans were the cause for the bankruptcy that followed, but it certainly didn’t help either.

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