The evolution of the web

Back when the World Wide Web started, building a webpage was easy. There were no really working search engine so users traversed the web from link to link, storing bookmarks for later browsing. Domain names were important entries to the web.

HTML evolved and got stricter and harder, CSS came along and JS is an actual programming language. Today it is hard to build a webpage that doesn’t look like it’s a fossil. But that doesn’t matter, because what people used to build back then is now built on the real estate of someone else; Twitter, Facebook etc. Everyone can put content there. Search engines have replaced domain names.

But it is happening on the real estate of someone else.

I used to cross-post my posts from this blog to Facebook. I have left Facebook but that doesn’t even matter anymore, because Facebook has now closed their doors for cross-posting. The doors of the silos are closing.

What used to be was a kind of early agrarian society. The model that dominates today is a kind of feudalism and I wonder if that is really the end of it.

I would love to be able to provide a simple and safe home-hosting solution. I wonder what could be accomplished with a Raspberry Pi computer, Linux operating system and NGINX web-server.


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