Battling fake news

SurfSafe sounds like a good idea, right up until I tried to install it. SurfSafe works by searching for the images you hover your mouse over, to see if that image exists already on the web, perhaps in a slightly different version.

You then get a list of the versions like it, shown in chronological order, so you easily can spot if the image you are viewing has been modified.

SurfSafe install as an extension in your browser and immediately after adding it, you get to choose your trusted sources.

And this is where the train derails:

Granted, I am not positively aware of USA Today having using doctored images but all the other top choices have. And I am supposed to choose some of these as my trusted source?

Yes, I know some of these are worse than others. I scrolled some and did not find any source that I considered absolutely pure.

It was a good idea though.

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