A little something for the conspiracy-types

I recently got a comment on this blog from someone who seemed to believe that BIG PHARMA wasn’t actually trying to find any cures because there was too much money in people being sick. This was, of course, coupled with a vaccines-are-bad and in-my-day-people-got-immunity-the-natural-way.

And they did, and most of them survived. Some didn’t.

But I just read something that I will paraphrase here:

Tobacco companies kill their best customers. Condom companies prevent their future customers from being born.

That’s how it works. The pharmaceutical companies are no saints but as long as they experience the pressure of competition, they will act in a similar way – killing diseases.

And regarding vaccines, in USA where everything seems to be about money, it is not the pharmaceutical companies that excert the biggest pressure towards vaccination. It’s the insurance companies, because they have to pay for the sick people.

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