The end

Tomorrow is the end of my experiment with the domain

(linked posts are here and here)

I bought the domain because I kept seeing posters and stickers around Aarhus, advertising the site. The problem was that the site had long been gone, as the campaign had expired. I bought it to see how much traffic the domain in itself gathered (answer: a little), to demonstrate the problem of a short-term domain strategy and for fun. Tomorrow the hosting expires and soon the domain name registration expires as well.

One thing that I completely forgot to write about regarding domain names is the security implementations:

Domain name abandonment allows cybercriminals to gain access to, or reset passwords for online services and profession-specific portals. These online services store documents, emails and other information relating to a legal practice, including financial details, personal information, confidential information and client-legal privileged information. …

In short, bad actors can re-register an abandoned domain of a business and take full control of email services configuring it to:

  • receive email correspondence sensitive in nature; and
  • use the email accounts to reset passwords to online services.

Tomorrow is also the 8th anniversary of this blog. But that is not going to end anytime soon.


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