BitTorrent has found a way to combat online piracy

By corruption.

BitTorrent Inc., maintainers of the BitTorrent protocol and one of the clients, have recently been bought by TRON, a company that works in the field of cryptocurrencies.

Earlier this month this announced plans to combine torrenting, seeding and cryptocurrencies. Supposedly to encourage longer seed-times but if you have a slightly less optimistic view of other people, TorrentFreak’s article on the matter paints a more likely picture.

That is, with money entering the equation, individual users will be left behind by big seeders, using seed-boxes and all sorts of tricks. I foresee seeders being sabotaged by other seeders, as with cryptocurrencies you are competing with each-other for basically the same resource.

I know that streaming is overtaking torrenting as the pirate choice of the moment, but this could very well spell the end of torrenting.

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