This was also interesting

A newspaper clipping from 1912 did its rounds last week and I’ll get to that. But this one was right below it and I found that interesting as well:

Tiflis, or Tblisi as we would probably call it today and definitely if you have played Civilization, is here and I think it would have been an impressive tunnel:

Of course, something began to occupy the minds of European leaders a couple of years later and then specifically the Russian leaders a couple of years after that.

The article is from page 7 in The Rodney and Otamatea Times, August 14, 1912, and not many people would have looked at that page if not for this little nugget of gold coal:

Does anyone remember the Channel 4 “documentary”, “The Great Global Warming Swindle“? It posited that man-made global warming was a concept created, in part, by the Thatcher government to promote nuclear power.

Yeah, I think they would have used a time machine for something else than traveling back to New Zealand in 1912 to seed an article like this. But I could be mistaken.

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