Healthcare and Welfare

I like that we have access to a mostly competent and mostly free healthcare i Denmark. I don’t understand why regular and common visits to the dentist are not covered but I should probably look into that before criticizing the decision.

In the world’s biggest economy, USA, healthcare is famously not free. Instead it is expensive as h***. This year it is expected to cost $3,400,000,000,000 and that is only for a part of the population, as a large group will be unable to participate. The cost is expected to rice 60% over the next 8 years, which will probably exclude even more people.

A thinktank, otherwise associated with opponents to “free healthcare” and framing their results as showing how expensive such an option would be, has looked into the cost. They reached the conclusion that the cost of a decade of “free healthcare” for all citizens in USA would be about $32,600,000,000,000.

Now, I do know about a thing called math and to me that looks like a lot of money saved. while benefiting a lot more people. I mean, a minimum of $140,000,000,000 saved per year, expected to rise to a saving of $2,240,000,000,000? And covering all?

OK, those numbers are too big, so let us make that into my standard how-many-Great-Belt-bridges number. Then we get that their saving would be the same as the cost of 340 great bridges, every year.

It does sound like a bargain and though I have many things I am unhappy about with the danish healthcare system, healthcare for all is definitely not one of them. Not even for economic reasons.

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