About that right to be forgotten

Though I generally support the GDPR – and acknowledge that without enforcement, GDPR is worse than nothing – I do not support the right to be forgotten.

I thought about that recently, when I read about the danish lawyer – Doctor of Law, even – that was convicted of publishing protected information from a case. The same lawyer has already been convicted of perjury in a different case and if one searches for his name you find that he may not necessarily be the best type of person.

Which is funny because he also sells his services as a mediator and without the option to search for the above mentioned facts about Hans Boserup, you would not know that there is at least another side to him.

The right to be forgotten protects us from our mistakes of the past. The right to remember protects us from those that would rather not be held accountable.

On the other hand Boserup might not be interested in hiding the stories above , as they may demonstrate that he is a defense attorney willing to break the law to get his clients free.

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2 Responses to About that right to be forgotten

  1. Found this little story: That former lawyer had a domain name using his former title, which he was not allowed to. But he refused to surrender the domain name so it had to be taken from him: https://www.domaeneklager.dk/sites/default/files/2018-07/2018-0438%20-%20advokathansboserup.dk_.pdf

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