If it makes a sound, did a tree fall in the forest?

I am not just being a smart-arse here, there’s a point:

If someone interprets your actions and stated intents clearly in a specific way, are you then actually saying that, to that person?

If you offer to take some kids to the beach, some parents will hear you offering free babysitting. In a way, that is exactly what you are doing.

I am not saying that you need to take responsibility for everything everyone interprets you as saying, but we need to acknowledge that there will be people interpreting our actions in ways that goes against our actual intent.

There’s a greater political discussion hiding in this, but I will not be specific about it as it is still one of our taboos. It does not matter if our intent is good, well-meaning, compassionate and empatic, there are people who will interpret it as an open invitation for exploitation.

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