The internet that might be?

A pleasant surprise:


Great success: Your protests have worked! The European Parliament has sent the copyright law back to the drawing board. All MEPs will get to vote on #uploadfilters and the #linktax September 10–13. Now let’s keep up the pressure to make sure we #SaveYourInternet!

After JURI refused the Reda compromise and chose to recommend censorship and link tax, I did not expect the European Parliament to vote this way.

As the EU Commission and JURI proposal would have (and still might) destroyed many startups, much online free speech and handed control over public discourse to a few (american) companies, I am happy for this partial success.

Note how this article in Børsen follows the spin from the supporters of the censorship machines; that the proposal was to force Google and Facebook to pay artists more for their art. But…


The proposal, with comments from Julia Reda. Or, as explained by Ray CorriganMore here.

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