About those “100s are reading your Gmail” articles

So, Wall Street Journal has published a story about hundreds of people reading your email on Gmail. The article is being a paywall, but other publications have been kind enough to reproduce the important bits, like BoingBoing and others.

The important part of the story is buried in the articles, but is:

If you have given another company, like through an app, permission to read your emails, chances are that they are. And sometimes that will be done by actual human beings.

Have you given someone permission to do that? You can check, if you have a Google account, at their security checkup, which I must admit is fast and easy to read. Click on the link and you have the information; you will be looking for the option “third-party access” section. Mine looks like this:

So, I have given access to 2 apps, one of them a Proof-of-concept node.js application I was working on, the other my blog so that it can cross-post on Google+.

Yes, Google+ still exists! Crazy, right?

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