I would like to extend my thanks to people who deliberately or unconsciously misrepresent intellectual opponents in an extreme way.

There is a sarcasm here, but I must admit that my views and convictions are being challenged and changed in a good way and has been for many years. First time I was conscious of this experience was almost two decades ago and recently I have had the great fortune of being exposed to what I think is one of the most important intellectuals of our time.

I will not link to that person because the misrepresentation is absolutely extreme (we are talking Godwin’s Law, obviously) and I do not wish to be guilty by association.

But what happens is this: A group of people claim that someone is dangerous or evil because of his views, and I, curious how anyone could ever foster such views, try to see for myself. And then, instead of those views ascribed to that person, I repeatedly find fascinating, humane, intellectual and responsible views.

Talk about backfiring…

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