Email marketing process

I used PayPal many years ago. Not so many years ago, I tried to delete my PayPal account and I think I have tried at least once every year ever since.

This has not worked, at least not till now. In light of GDPR I made another attempt, thinking PayPal might have gotten their act together. They might have.

Apparently my account was “closed” (not “deleted”) but nevertheless I received a marketing email a couple of days ago, two days after I closed my account.

I inquired how this could be and got:

This is not the first time I have received an explanation of “yes, you asked us for no more emails, but there may be a queue of emails heading your way in the coming days”.

I don’t understand why companies or departments hand over these emails separately, and days before, rather than making a live fetch. We are talking about computers here, not letters with addresses printed on them.

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