The GDPR is like a ballistic missile headed for the adtech sector. It might well work as intended but collateral damage is certain. Nonetheless I see the GDPR as an important political work towards securing our right to privacy.

And the reason for GDPR is the first rule of privacy, as written by Thomas Baekdal:

I am the only one who can decide what I want to share!

And every time someone violates that rule, they go against the wishes of their users.

Almost every website has violated that rule for years. The EU was very clear that this had to stop and when the adtech industry, with Google and Facebook in front, instead chose to weaponize privacy violations, the EU crafted their ballistic missile.

The GDPR is what happens when an industry is unable or unwilling to regulate itself.

As an aside, you can also read Baekdal’s efforts to make his site GDPR compliant here.

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