The Price is Right

Bitdefender is a great anti-virus system, and apparently also great at stopping ransomware. I have no problem with the software.

I do have a problem with their offers and pricing. I have had this for a while and now I took a couple of screenshots to show why.

I am an existing customer and I manage to get these offers, on the same day:

Those prices were on two different pages – one linked from the frontpage of the site, the other, more expensive, linked from the “renew your subscription” email. OK, fine, a bigger image could be worth 2€. But we are not finished yet:

These two prices, this time on the same page linked from the “review your subscription” page, and neither of them is 94% off.

I am very happy that it isn’t the same guys that develop the anti-virus software that developed their website.

But that is also why I don’t have my subscription auto-renew.

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