Optimistiske ledere

Tom Davis, i hans opsummering af lanceringen af IRIX 5.1, kommer med en vigtig observation tilbage i 1993:

Optimists tend to be promoted, so the higher up in the organization you are, the more optimistic you tend to be. If one manager says “I can do that in 4 months”, and another only promises it in 6 months, the 4 month guy gets the job. When the software is 4 months late, the overall system complexity makes it easy to assign blame elsewhere, so there’s no way to judge mis-management when it’s time for promotions.

To look good to their boss, most people tend to put a positive spin on their reports. With many levels of management and increasing optimism all the way up, the information reaching the VPs is very filtered, and always filtered positively.

Det minder en del om Richard Feynman’s observation efter Challenger ulykken, hvor han kunne dokumentere at NASA’s ledelse vurderede risikoen for en katastrofisk ulykke til at være 1:100.000 mens NASA’s ingeniører vurderde den til 1:200.

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