Delete this email

Lowering the Bar har en opdateret gennemgang af hvor meget nemmere det er at opklare (bank)svindel takket være emails.

Barclays employees themselves allegedly described some of the loans as “garbage,” “sh*t,” and “about as bad as [they] can be.” These, again, are things that should not be committed to email, difficult as that may be in today’s environment, if you or someone in your organization have described the things differently to the public.
Worse, though, would be emails that not only show you knew certain unfortunate facts, but also suggest you knew you needed to keep those facts a secret. Yet this, too, is something people repeatedly do.

Eller som Mark Levine skrev det tidligere

People know they are not supposed to mention illegal stuff in their e-mails and instant messages and chat rooms and recorded phone calls […] You can tell because, when they mention the illegal stuff in those electronically preserved records, they regularly also mention the fact that they’re not supposed to mention it.

Overskriften har jeg fra Enron’s svindelsag omkring årtusindskiftet.

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