Fremtiden i bjergene

Jan Chipchase har skrevet en meget spændende liste af erfaringer fra rejser i Mellemasien, nærmere bestemt Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan og det vestlige Kina: “61 Glimpses of the Future

Der er mange sjove ting på listen, såsom

4. Touch ID doesn’t work at high altitude, finger prints are too dry.

7. A white male travelling alone in interesting places, will always need to disprove they are a spy. Thanks Hollywood.

18. China is still arguably the lowest-trust consumer society in the world. If a product can be faked it will be. Out of necessity, they also have the most savvy consumers in the world.

38. Tibetan monks prefer iOS over Android.

40. In order to size up the tribe/sub-tribe you’re part of, any group of young males will first look at the shoes on your feet.

men også vigtige ting som

16. Sometimes, everyone who says they know what is going on, is wrong.

35. One of the more interesting aspects of very high net worth individuals (the financial 0.001%), is the entourage that they attract, and the interrelations between members of that entourage. This is my first time travelling with a spiritual leader (the religious 0.001%), whose entourage included disciples, and members of the financial 0.01% looking for a karmic handout. The behaviour of silicon valley’s nouveau riche is often parodied but when it comes to weirdness, faith trumps money every time. Any bets on the first Silicon Valley billionaire to successfully marry the two? Or vice versa?

45. The sooner western companies own up to copying WeChat, the sooner we can get on with acknowledging a significant shift in the global creative center of gravity.

50. The first time you confront a leader, never do it in front of their followers, they’ll have no way to back down.

56. To what extent does cultural continuity, and societal harmony comes from three generations under one roof?

59. Japan remains the lead use case for a depopulating society, with 40 million less people in the next 50 years. It has the opportunity to be a world leader in figuring out how to make depopulation work at a societal level. China will lose an estimated 400 million people by 2100, from its peak of 1.4 billion in 2020.

Pkt. 50 er noget jeg lærte for lang tid siden. Det gælder i øvrigt generelt, at folk skal have en mulighed for at slippe ud af en situation med mindre du ønsker at presse dem til at træffe et bestemt valg. Og når man ser nogen blive konfronteret offentligt, uden at de har mulighed for at træde tilbage med værdihed, så er det ofte at den der konfronterer dem ønsker at kontrollere deres valg.

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