Jeg linkede i går til Mike Hearn’s “OK, what now?” analyse af EU’s situation i 2017. Men der er et afsnit som jeg specielt vil fremhæve her:

On words

Whatever the outcome of the votes are, we will be hearing a lot more about “far right” parties in the next 18 months. I put the term in quotes because it’s not clear from my research that this label makes any sense at all.

If you put aside the EU and Islam then Le Pen, Wilders and Petry are all completely different. Wilders has a pretty conventional conservative agenda (lower taxes, emphasis on education etc) but Le Pen is an ordinary socialist (protectionism, money printing, anti-privatisation). Petry doesn’t even want to leave the EU, just the Euro. If you talked to these people about something other than immigration you’d never guess that they were supposedly ideological allies.

The term “far right” has apparently been detached from the traditional meaning of left/right wing and now means anyone who supports border controls, which is not a controversial policy in most of the world. This is probably why such parties are rising throughout the continent. Watch out for journalists, academics and other self-proclaimed political experts abusing standard terminology to make you jump to conclusions. (min fremhævning)

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