Tomater i frugtsalat

Knowledge-is-knowing-a-Tomato-is-a-fruit-Wisdom-iJeg vil efter at have læst Mark Jason Dominus’ “Technical jargon failure modes” prøve at holde op med at sige at tomater er frugt og jordbær ikke er bær. For Dominus har ret i at der nogle gange er så stor forskel på den tekniske og den almindelig brug af et ord at det ikke giver mening. Dominus bruger bær som sit store eksempel men slutter af med det indtil videre mest ekstreme:

  • Stonehenge is so-called because it is a place of hanging stones: “henge” is cognate with “hang”.
  • In 1932 archaeologists adapted the name “Stonehenge” to create the word “henge” as a generic term for a family of ancient monuments that are similar to Stonehenge.
  • Therefore, if there were only one thing in the whole world that ought to be an example of a henge, it should be Stonehenge.
  • However, Stonehenge is not, itself, a henge.
  • Stonehenge is not a henge.
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