Horrible Bosses

Jeg har ikke set filmene men overskriften syntes at passe meget godt til denne historie fra en amerikansk arbejdsret: “Has Your Boss Ever Pooped In Your Lunchbox?

Lige præcis den del med ekskrementerne er kun den mest ulækre del, men ikke den værste del af de ting medarbejderne har oplevet. Artiklen er skrevet i, for Lowering the Bar, vanlig humoristisk stil, som for eksempel:

He did not recall shooting Bailey, but again Bailey testified otherwise. But hey, all in good fun, the shooting. Team-building exercise. Esprit de corps. That’s what it’s all about, my friends. Same with the bombs.
The what?
The bombs.
The rest of that sentence is “turned the ignition switch on,” but I didn’t think I needed to include it all. Employment lawyers: is “built bombs on company time” a phrase you see often in these cases? I would think people generally know better. Build your bombs at home, not while you’re on the clock, that’s what it says in our handbook.
— Lowering the Bar, “Has Your Boss Ever Pooped In Your Lunchbox?

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