Salg og kapacitet

En af de største udfordringer for en virksomhed i vækst er at finde de rigtige medarbejdere. Men når man udvider kapaciteten sker der det at man en gang imellem er nød til at udvide med mere end medarbejdere, f.eks. lokaler eller store maskiner. Derfor

Production capacity cannot be added in a linear fashion like some sort of variable cost.  It is added in big chunks, and capacity = cost; in fact cost is all about capacity, not the isolated bits such as direct labor efficiency.  If Subaru were to simply cut their sales folks loose and then try to chase them up the peaks, then drag the factory down into the valleys as sales ebb and flow like most companies do they would continually be out of synch with capacity – either selling over capacity and incurring the costs of overtime, expediting and all of the cost and quality issues that result from having too many new hires; or under-capacity and failing to leverage their costs.
What Subaru (and Toyota) do better than just about anyone is to continually synchronize sales with capacity.  That means the sales folks are an integral part of the business, rather than an independent silo tasked with selling as much as they can of whatever they can to whoever they can.  Most companies view sales independently and even give the sales folks commissions and bonuses for overselling capacity, blaming the factory for its failure to somehow keep up; and then make it a factory problem when sales turn down and the cost base (capacity) is too high.  It all stems from thinking that more sales is always better, no matter what, and from managing the ‘top line’ as an independent driver of good things.  Subaru knows better.
— Bill Waddell, “Subaru: Capacity and Patience – It’s a Cultural Thing

Det kræver mod at sige nej til et salg.

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