Ja, hvad er det lige vi får ud af DRM i HTML5?

Simon St. Laurent, en af O’Reilly Media’s dygtige redaktører, stiller spørgsmålet “What do we get for that DRM?“. Det handler naturligvis om W3C’s accept af DRM kopibeskyttelse i HTML5 standarden.

DRM, Digital Rights Management, betyder at browsere der skal understøtte HTML5 skal indeholde dele der ikke kan være open source, og at dele af det indhold som brugerne skal køre på deres maskiner ikke kan verificeres – af brugerne vel at mærke.

The saddest part of that discussion, however, is the question. What are we users—and what is the W3C—getting from building the risk of programmers being jailed into the core infrastructure of the Web? I have no doubt that browser vendors eager to cut deals will incorporate DRM into their offerings. Does that make it a good idea for the W3C to offer its name, its facilities, its intellectual property agreements, and its umbrella from antitrust prosecution to such a project? Why not leave the companies to pursue their own directions, and take on the risk of legal action themselves?


What do we get for that DRM? A clear sign that we’re not to be trusted.

Simon St. Laurent

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