Familien og ledelse

Et citat fra Simple Excellence:

The volumes written on human behavior and how to motivate, analyze, measure, whip into shape and otherwise manipulate people into doing what you want them to do should go into the dumpster. Managing people is no more complicated – and no easier – than the golden rule. Treat people with the same level of respect, honesty and fairness you want and you will be a very good manager. The manager who thinks he or she can fool anyone or manipulate people is about as successful as the husband, wife, parent or child who thinks he or she can fool their own family. They only fool themselves.

En fremragende bog. Selvom ovenstående måske ikke er 100% sandt – eller måske er – så er der rigeligt med eksempler på det modsatte: Ledere der ikke er ærlige eller fair, eller ikke behandler deres medarbejdere med respekt, forårsager store skader i en virksomheds organisation fra deres første dag.

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